Thursday, January 14, 2010

Touch My Monkey!

Facebook'd a personal hero of mine and got a response back! No, not him... her! Want to write her back right away but don't want to appear desperate. Social networking and fandom opens up a whole new can of worms, etiquette-wise.

Still, so excited. I friggin' wrote my women's studies thesis (oy) on R. and Aline Crumb. I'll craft a subtle response while I'm supposed to be doing work.

I did not quit my job. I created a job. I did not go shopping today. I contributed to the economy.

All pathetic excuses aside, there are some sweet-ass sales out there. New black wool coat 50% off, (old tired one went to the Bowery Mission), new low cowboy boots 75% off and a spanking new old-man style Timex gold-tone watch that arrived via the mails. That's Indiglo, bitches. Perfect for me, since I often wake up in the middle of the totally confused and with no idea what time or day it is.

Then attended a really neat art opening at Spattered Columns in Soho. The wine gave me heartburn but the art was neat and lots of friends showed up.

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