Monday, January 18, 2010

Raws and Blabs

I'm not a big collector. I'm just not the type. When T and I started dating, he noticed that I had more than a few copies of the quarterly Granta lying around. I fell in love with them in college and would buy them for $2 each in the used section of the Harvard Book Store. Anyhoo, T became obsessed with having ALL of them (104 and counting). I try to seek out the few we are missing at the Strand or other used book stores on the street but mostly because completing our collection would make T happy.

He also bought me the ENTIRE "Eightball" series for my birthday five years ago. Pretty sweet!

But I think I've found something I'd like to collect. RAWs and Blab!s.

I got some great ones from the Strand today from the early 1990s some great stuff: Lynda Barry (my first comics love, recommended by Sassy magazine!), Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Dan Clowes, Richard Sala and tons of others.

It all gives me such a nostalgic feeling. Ah, comics, keeping me young... brain-wise at least.

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