Monday, April 5, 2010

Geeking Out in Ithaca, NY

Had a great time in Ithaca, NY.

Highly recommended! Angry Mom Records on the Commons. Nice guys working there who totally geeked out with me on comics and our favorite artists. Purchase of the trip: Thee Headcoats LP with Dan Clowes artwork (shown below $19). Shitting awesome!

Also bought a copy of a neat zine/comic called Humanbeing Lawnmower. Liked the art, loved the interviews and fun fan punk aspect. Published in Astoria, Queens, my hood. How weird! Second issue looks even better, gonna check it out when I get back to the city.

Other purchases: Amazing Dorothy Thompson out-of-print hardcover (below - $8). This is serious treasure.

Tom Wolfe's Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine ($13 - 1st edition), In the Time of Butterfliesby Julia Alvarez ($5) and a book about how to fight "carb addiction" ($.25). Hey, for a quarter, how could I resist?

My pal Margaux showed me all around Ithaca and I enjoyed some delicious ice cream at Purity and sort of suffered through the entire British detective trilogy Red Riding. I bet the Yorkshire Tourist Board wasn't too happy about this incredibly bummer-inducing tale of police corruption, abduction, child rape and serial killing. A downer, to say the least but I've got a secret adoration for depressing period British crime dramas. Worth it for fans of the genre.

Anyway it was lovely to get the heck out of NYC for the weekend and breathe some fresh air, get some color in my cheeks and sit near a waterfall for a while. Ah, nature, you're not so bad.

Okay, I gotta sign off, I'm on a bus and the guy sitting next to me blowing his nose is seriously making wish I had a taser...