Monday, January 11, 2010

Like Bloating for Gallstones

How pleasing! According to the Belleville News-Democrat in Illinois, via Drug News:

"U.S. District Chief Judge David Herndon will handle the pre-trial proceedings in lawsuits filed against Bayer Corp., makers of the contraceptive pill, Yaz."

The plaintiffs are suing, claiming that ethinyl estradiol and dropspirenone, the two special ingredients in Yaz and Yasmin that supposedly help women that experience bloating and mild depression, also put women at risk for heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and sudden death. There have also been links to Yaz and gallbladder disease.

I suppose I could consider calling my doctor and asking if I should get off Yaz, a pill that has effectively changed my life for the better. What's more uncomfortable, tender breasts or gallstones? And is Yasmin any different?

Shit on a twig.

Seems like my cue to revisit Annuale, the once-a-year birth control that may cause me to experience werewolfism.

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