Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Morticia Addams Takes Manhattan

Winding down my hectic day in the Jefferson Market branch of the Public Library. It's really a fascinating place to get some work done. Like updating your Facebook profile in a gothic tower.

Click here for its fascinating history as a women's prison and its place in NYC labor history. This branch also supposedly houses a substantial collection of rare Weegee photography books.

Stripper photo above, by Arthur Fellig, AKA, Weegee, date unknown.

I totally overslept and ran out the door to make an appointment all the way on the west side coming from Astoria. Realized that one black garment too many can transform an outfit from "interview chic" to "Morticia Addams collection." Or Wednesday, the Christina Ricci version. Lisa Loring, the TV actress who played her just wasn't creepy enough for me.

With my newly dark hair, sheet-white complexion and interest in writing about mental illness, it can make for a spookier impression than I hoped for. I can't say I mind all that much!

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