Monday, March 29, 2010

What a Yarn! - June Havoc (1912-2010)

My new weekly featured posting *"What a Yarn!" is a tribute to my friend Jeremy, who loves old-timey film talk in the same way I do.

But what is a yarn? Why, I'll tell you!

The weekly yarn will be the kind of story that breaks your heart, that brings a tear to your beer, that makes you think, makes you wonder! Tales of heroics and stout-heartedness, of hardluck cases and big marquee dreams. Of big dreams and tall tales! The kind of story that makes you sit in awe of what what a cockeyed caravan this world is.

So I'm happy to present the first Weekly Yarn (at the suggestion of T.)

And boy, her life was quite a story! From vaudeville to Broadway, from the gutter to the big screen. Her story was part of the basis of Ethel Merman/Rosalind Russell ham and cheese fest"Gypsy" but brother, that's only where the story begins!

* The line is from "It Happened One Night" a really dilly of a flicker if there ever was one. I also recommend the Gary Cooper/Barbara Stanwyk pic "Ball of Fire" for an unqualified overdose of dated 1940's slang.
Also, this is what I look like every morning as I bounce out the door into the streets of the city.

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