Wednesday, March 24, 2010

List-o-Rama: A Tribute to Anastasia Krupnik

Jezebel did a namedrop of my favorite geeky teen young adult heroine and since then, I've been thinking about the Anastasia books. Anastasia Krupnik was bespectacled, had bizarre longings (to become a Catholic, to meet Sigmund Freud, to become a companion to an elderly rich woman) and thought a lot things were just plain dumb. She longed to have a swan-like neck. Her father taught English at Harvard and hated it when people used the phrase "dichotomy."

She was also a big list maker and in my first Anastasia book, she constantly updates her list of likes and dislikes according to how her life was progressing.

Anyway, today is a day where I feel like making a list of the things that elicit pure joy, not just things I like.

The 3rd Man - link to trailer
The Palm Beach Story - link to bizarre trailer
Lush bubble bars
Hiding in fancy lobby hotel bathrooms and making phone calls
Chocolate chip cookies
Love and Rockets comics
Reading Archie and Peanuts comics when I'm sick (I'm thinking back to middle school but I bet it still holds)
My Man Godfrey - link to trailer
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Ernst Lubisch - link to Ninotchka scene with Greta Garbo
A freshly laundered wrap dress
The Addams Family (TV show, and the second film "Addams Family Values"
Smoked salmon
The guy on the subway that plays the theme from the movie "Brazil" on his trumpet
Reading and finding old Grantas - link to "In Lana Turner's Bedroom"
T, of course
Duane Park Cafe (I got married there)
Eclipse DVD collections by Criterion
True eccentrics
Maurice Chevalier - from One Hour with You
Buying books for small children
Crossword puzzles
Hearing the song "Native New Yorker" by Odyssey while I'm doing the dishes.
Singing to my cat
Heat lamps (not sun lamps)
Night Watch perfume
Kirk Douglas - from The Bad and the Beautiful
Barbara Stanwyk - from Ball of Fire
Paying with Sacajaweas
When Homer goes to the "Land of Chocolate"
Girl With Gold Boots on MST3k - clips
The Kids in the Hall - link to Terriers
John Waters' Shock Value
Dawn Powell
NYRB press
Snapped! marathons
Making my mother laugh
Splitting hot pastrami at Katz's
Chinese soup dumplings
The Triple Lindy
Rita Hayworth in The Lady from Shanghai - link to trailer
Gene Wilder - link to The Producers
Christopher Walken dancing in "Pennies From Heaven" - link to awesomeness

I'm sure there's a lot more. It doesn't really take a lot to cheer me up. This should be handy list for those who know me. But those that know me knew all this stuff already.

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  1. You know, I agree with many things on that list, but I have to double-agree with Snapped! marathons. It's how my sister and I while away many happy hours together when I visit her in Texas.